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Conveyor Belt

The objective of this literacy game is to recognize and assemble common phrases like i.e. 'Back to square one'.

The 'conveyor belt' above moves words from left to right which are part of a phrase or saying. The words run in random order. Try to recognise the phrase and click the words in the correct order. They'll drop down to the bottom line below.

There are 8 phrases in succession. The display above shows how many words a phrase consists of and how many words are still left to drop.

Without making any mistake you can score 52 points for all 8 phrases.

Let's go and press 'Start'.

Phrase 1/8

[ Quality offered to those who might not appreciate it. ]
[ Inquisitiveness can be dangerous. ]
[ False assumption in something one is trying to achieve. ]
[ Success is certain if one is well prepared. ]
[ Faced with a choice between two bad options. ]
[ There is hope in the worst of circumstances. ]
[ To fully test something one needs to experience it oneself. ]
[ What is almost impossible to manage. ]
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Conveyor Belt
Literacy Game